Patricia Pastore
Graceful Lady Rosaries, Owner/Designer
It is with great joy that I present the Graceful Lady Rosaries Collection of fine prayer beads. I am excited to offer my handcrafted art as a complement to the Holy Rosary, a prayerful meditation on the life Christ, to all who desire a closer walk with Jesus and his mother Mary. May the prayers of the Holy Rosary bring you His Peace.

Graceful Lady Rosaries are a finely made, jewelry quality prayer beads designed and handcrafted by Patricia Pastore. Each rosary is a lovely work of art perfect for a spiritually inspired gift presentation. These prayer beads are as strong as they are beautiful, created to companion the faithful through years of rosary prayers.

A rosary design begins with the selection of a quality crucifix and center medal. A variety of metals can be found in the collection from sterling silver and bronze to pewter and base metal.

Beads are then chosen and strung onto polyester bead cord. After stringing a knot is tied and nestled close to each bead or bead pattern. This technique is known as Pearl Knotting.

Most beads used in the rosary collection are natural stone or handmade glass. These beads vary slightly in size, shape and color which adds to their distinctive quality. The variation found in these materials is meant to enhance the design quality and the “one of a kind” nature of these pieces.

The chaplet designs and some bracelet styles are strung onto high quality professional bead wire. Most rosary bracelets are created using a durable high quality stretch cord.

In general you can expect your prayer beads to look like what is pictured. However, there are times when a vendor will unexpectedly discontinue or slightly alter components used in rosary making. Graceful Lady Rosaries reserves the right to make substitutions due to the availability of materials. Any changes made will be of equal quality and will not affect the integrity of the design.

Special Note: All the products in this line are intended for use as an aid to the prayers of the Holy Rosary. None of the products made by or carried by Graceful Lady Rosaries are intended for the use of unsupervised children. Beads and small parts which are present in all prayers beads throughout the product line, can pose a choking hazard.

“The mission of Graceful Lady Rosaries is to offer for sale a collection of handcrafted prayer beads of distinctive artistic design and fine quality. These rosaries are made with a prayerful desire to introduce, rekindle, or enhance the prayer experience of the Holy Rosary.”